Since September 2002, with the goal of creating an organized, creative and competitive project´s study, active in the residential and commercial market of the city of Curitiba (Brazil) and the region, the architects Guto Biazzetto and Carolina Espezim Biazzetto founded the Studio+55, an office that primarily aims are the customer satisfaction and the integration of architecture with the environment in which they live.
With a bold and innovative architecture, always looking for current and sustainable ideas and concepts, the members of the society are constantly updated and improved through courses and new projects.
In the years of 2006, 2007 and 2008 the two partners had the opportunity to do a Master in Interior Design at the Polytechnic of Milan and also worked with two of the greatest architects and designers of Italy, the masters Aldo Cibic and Piero Lissoni.
With the regional growth, in 2013 the office in Campinas - San Paolo was also installed, in order to expand the market segment, starting a new national trajectory.
In 2016 we started a new project direction in San Paulo (Brazil) in real estate development activities to serve together with the developers, to resolve the needs of customers, in order to customize their properties in a creative and professional way.
In the same year 2016 we started with our own studio to work in Milan to better serve international customers, the international Guto Biazzetto Creative Studio.
With all this history, today the Studio+55 has reached a high level technical and conceptual architecture that, of course, always comes improving.
In 2018 Guto Biazzetto began designing furniture for Lovato Móveis and in the year of 2019 he presented the Diva Line in the Salone del Mobile in Milan with the Poltrona Diva.
With all this history, today Guto Biazzetto Creative Studio has achieved an architecture of high technical and conceptual level that promotes well-being, sustainability and respect for the personalized needs of each client.


Viale Certosa 218 - Milano - IT - 20156

Fone: [39] – 345 3567682

Rua Vieira dos Santos, 72 - 
Centro Cívico
Curitiba – PR / CEP: 80.010-010
Fone: [55] – [41] –

Milano - IT  | Cutitba - BR | São Paulo - BR

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