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Architecture and Sustainable Design Consulting Office + BIM


· Sustainability and energy efficiency consultancy

- Consultancy on BIM projects for Civil Construction

· Consultancy to obtain sustainability certification for new or existing buildings - LEED - design and construction phase

· Classes and courses related to sustainability in construction and certifications sustainable buildings

- BIM classes and courses for Civil Construction

· Review and implementation of environmental comfort strategies (thermo-acoustic control, choice of materials, ventilation, lighting, energy, water)

· Advice on energy efficiency labeling for commercial buildings and public services

· Guidance for hiring contractors and subcontractors

· Consumption management

- Energy efficiency

- Self-generation of energy

- Utilities management

- BIM projects

- Automation management

· Rudimentary operating costs, greater productivity and greater profitability

- Systems and equipment

- New and existing initiatives

- Operation and maintenance management

- Sustainable operation and maintenance

- Architectural and complementary design


· Integration process management projects

· Support the development and management of architectural and complementary projects

· Supervision of preliminary planning services and development of works

· Assistance in decision-making, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and costs, researching the best technical, environmental and economic solutions for new or existing buildings (retrofit).

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