Consulting and planning office works in collaboration with the architect rodrigo espindola in the following areas:


Sustainability and energy efficiency consultancy


· Consultancy to obtain sustainability certification for new or existing buildings - leed - design and work phase;

· Lessons and courses related to sustainability in the building sector e

sustainable buildings of certifications

· Review and implementation of environmental comfort strategies (thermo-acoustic control, choice of materials, ventilation, lighting, energy, water);

· Advice on energy efficiency labeling for commercial buildings, and public services.

· Guidance for contractors and recruitment subcontractors

· Consumption management

ø energy efficiency

ø self-generation of energy

ø utility management

ø projects in electronics

ø automation


· Making operational costs, greater productivity and greater profitability

ø installations and equipment

ø new and existing initiatives

ø operation and maintenance maintenance

ø sustainable operation and maintenance


architectural and complementary design


· Integration process management projects

· Support the development and management of architectural and complementary projects;

· Supervision of preliminary planning services and development of the works;

· Assistance in the decision-making process, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and costs, seeking the best technical, environmental and economic solutions for new or existing buildings (retrofit).


Rodrigo Espindola


architect and urban planner, he graduated from curitiba - 2002 with experience in offices in the united states. accredited leed ap (bd + c) approved by the usgbc (united states green building concil), the body that regulates international sustainability projects in construction.



Viale Certosa 218 - Milano - IT - 20156

Clients Call: [39] – 345 3567682

Suppliers Call: [39] - 366 7382333

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